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Good Senses Make Good Neighbors

Several residents and landlords from the nearby Belvedere neighborhood in New Britain are fed up with Central students’ off-campus partying and raucousness in their quiet, suburban community.

While CCSU campus police work with the New Britain Police Department to address the ongoing issue, University and student leaders discuss possible, common sense solutions.

As the largest employer in New Britain, with over 170 employees living in the city, the University values its connection to the community, but can do a better job of educating students wherever they live, according to CCSU President Jack Miller.

“When you are a citizen of a community, you need to uphold the values of that community,” Miller stated in an open letter to the New Britain Herald in September. “If you do not, there will be appropriate repercussions.”

Miller’s pledge: students who continue to violate the law, can expect to face swift and immediate action.






“We must do everything we can to reduce the amount of inappropriate behavior, realistically realizing we will never totally eliminate it,” says the president. “I will always support and defend the 99-plus percent of our students who work and learn at the university and are excellent citizens.  

Student problems demand student solutions.

Upon the invitation of Vice President for Student Affairs Laura Tordenti, representatives from the Student Government Association (SGA)—Edward Corey, Wyatt Bosworth and President Caroline Fox—have been actively involved with Town & Gown meetings, a coalition comprising representatives from the University, neighboring residents, landlords, and New Britain city officials and police.

“The University is taking steps now to try and educate our students better,” says Bosworth, “and provide ‘Good Neighbor’ programming for them.”

Conducting extensive research on how other institutions handle similar off-campus housing/partying concerns, SGA representatives are intrigued by the University of Oregon’s “Communiversity” initiative, providing neighborhood programming to help bring landlords, renters, and residents together.


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