Financial Aid Office


Activate BlueNet Account*


1.  Visit Accounts Management Page

2.  Select [Activate Your Account or Retrieve Your BlueNet Account Username

3.  Enter the requested information & click [Activate Account

You will obtain your BlueNet Account Username and set up your CCSU student email and account passwords 

*Very important! The $200 Admissions confirmation deposit is not required to create a BlueNet account.


-Scroll Down for Important Instructions-



View Financial Aid Award


Welcome! Please watch this step by step video on how to view and accept your aid offer.

(A.) How do I view/accept my financial aid?

1. Visit the Central Pipeline's WebCentral-Banner Web

2. Use BlueNet Username & Password

3. Click [Financial Aid] tab

4. Click [Award by Aid Year/Accept Award] link

5. Select appropriate "Aid Year" & click "Submit"

6. Click [Terms and Conditions] tab 

7. Accept Terms and Conditions 

Step 8 is unavailable without accepting the Terms and Conditions

8. Click [Accept Award Offer] tab

9. Accept/Decline, click "Submit Decision"

10.  Click [Financial Aid] tab once again

11.  Click "Sign Financial Aid Award Letter/Title IV Authorization"    

12.  Review "Authorization

13.  Please change 3rd option from Hold to Refund, then click "Submit


View Financial Aid Required Documents