Financial Aid Office


Veterans Affairs 

The CCSU Office of Veteran's Affairs located in Carroll Hall, Room 035, is our primary contact for all military veterans who want to or are attending CCSU. 

The CCSU Veteran's Affairs Office can establish the veteran's eligibility status with regard to tuition waivers, third-party billings to cover educational costs, and other items related to attending school. 

Veteran's are also encouraged to complete the FAFSA

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs  CCSU Office of Veterans Affairs

Draft Registration

At the age of 18, all males must register with the U.S. Selective Service. Failure to register prohibits the student from receiving any federal financial aid to attend school. 

Registration may be accomplished in several ways, including;

  • At all U.S.Post Offices
  • Online with the Selective Serivce
  • Requesting registration on the FAFSA

All males (including eligible non-citizens, foreign nationals, etc.) who have not registered by the age of 26, must meet certain criteria to become eligible for financial aid. The Selective Service website provides what is required in the form of documentation to be presented to the school's financial aid office. Some males may be required to complete a Request for Status Information letter.  It takes more than 30 days to receive a response from Selective Service verifying the student's draft status. This letter must be presented to the our office before the student's aid may be processed.