New Students


Transfer Students – What’s Next?

Newly admitted transfer students are advised in group sessions throughout the year.  During these group sessions, students learn about university requirements, policies and procedures, and the curricular requirements of their majors.  Students are individually advised for course selection and receive all the necessary materials to register themselves online including their alternate pin number. 

We highly encourage you to make plans to come in for advising as soon as possible!  

Ammon College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Advising Place (ASAP)

Carroll Hall, Room 138
(860) 832-2600 or Click Here

School of Business Student Services Center

Vance Academic Center, Room 216
(860) 832-3205 or Click Here 

School of Education and Professional Studies Advising Center

Barnard Hall, Room 229
(860) 832-2370

School of Engineering, Science, and Technology Student Services Center

Copernicus Hall, Room 241
(860) 832-1863 or Click Here

Explore Central

Carroll Hall, Room 145
(860) 832-1616