Study Area I


ART 100 Search in Art
ART 110 Introduction to Art History [I]
ART 112 History of Art I [I]
ART 113 History of Art II [I]
ART 120 Design I
ART 124 Three-Dimensional Design
ART 130 Drawing I
ART 216 Modern Art [I]
ART 224 Illustration I
ART 230 Drawing II
ART 240 Printmaking I
ART 247 Photography I
ART 250 Watercolor Painting
ART 252 Painting I
ART 260 Ceramics I
ART 261 Sculpture I
ART 264 Design-Handicraft Materials and Techniques I
CHIN 304 Topics in Chinese Literature [I] [L]
CINE 201 The Language of Film
DAN 299 Dance History [I]
DES 100 Introduction to Graphic/Information Design
DES 122 Fundamentals of Graphic/Information Design
ENG 203 Survey of World Literature: Ancient to Early Modern [I] [L]
ENG 204 Survey of World Literature: 17th Century to the Present [I] [L]
ENG 205 Survey in British Literature: Middle Ages to the 18th Century [L]
ENG 206 Survey of British Literature:  Romanticism to the Present [L]
ENG 210 Survey of American Literature: Pre-Civil War [L]
ENG 211 Survey of American Literature: Civil War to the Present [L]
ENG 212 African-American Literature [L]
ENG 213 Studies in American Literature [L]
ENG 214 Studies in International Literature [I] [L]
ENG 215 Introduction to Women Writers [I] [L]
ENG 220 Shakespeare [L]
ENG 250 Contemporary Literature [L]
ENG 260 Introduction to Poetry [L]
ENG 261 Introduction to Fiction [L]
ENG 262 Introduction to Drama [I] [L]
ENG 347 Latino/a Literature [I] [L]
FR 304 Introduction to French Literature [I] [L]
FR 305 Introduction to Francophone Literature [I] [L]
FYS 101 First Year Seminar-Arts and Humanities
GER 304 Introduction to German Literature I [I] [L]
GER 305 Introduction to German Literature II [I] [L]
HON 110 Western Culture I
HON 210 Western Culture II: Topics in Western Culture
HON 440 Writing & Research II
HUM 100 Search in the Humanities
HUM 250 Topics in European Literature [I] [L]
ITAL 304 Introduction to Italian Literature I [I] [L]
ITAL 305 Introduction to Italian Literature II [I] [L]
LAS 375 Spanish-American Literature I [I] [L]
LAS 376 Spanish-American Literature II
LTN 347 Latino/a Literature [I] [L]
MUS 100 Search in Music
MUS 109 Fundamentals of Music
MUS 110 Listening to Classical Music [I]
MUS 111 Music of the World's People [I]
MUS 112 Computer Applications to Music
MUS 113 History of Jazz
MUS 214 Electro-acoustic Music and Sonic Art
PHIL 100 Search in Philosophy
PHIL 112 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 121 Introduction to Philosophy through Literature
PHIL 125 Introduction to Philosophy through Popular Culture
PHIL 135 Nature, Mind, and Science
PHIL 144 Moral Issues
PHIL 232 Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
PHIL 235 Philosophy of Social Science
PHIL 241 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 248 Philosophy of the Arts
PHIL 250 Introduction to Asian Philosophy [I]
PHIL 255 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 260 African Philosophy [I]
PHIL 275 Chinese Philosophy [I]
PHIL 344 Topics in Philosophical and Social Justice
PHIL 366 Existentialism [I]
PS 232 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
REL 105 Development of Christian Thought
REL 110 World Religions [I]
REL 250 Japanese Religion [I]
REL 256 Philosophy, Religion, and Culture [I]
REL 257 Special Topics in Religion
SPAN 304 Introduction to Spanish Literature I [I] [L]
SPAN 305 Introduction to Spanish Literature II [I] [L]
SPAN 375 Spanish American Literature I [I] [L]
SPAN 376 Spanish American Literature II [I] [L]
TH 110 Introduction to Theatre
TH 111 Stagecraft
TH 117 Lighting
TH 121 Costuming
TH 126 Makeup I
TH 135 Speaking-Voice Development
TH 143 Theatre Games and Improvisations
TH 145 Acting I
TH 146 Introduction to High Impact Theatre
TH 148 Studio Performance I
TH 222 History of Fashion [I]
TH 253 Script Analysis for the Theatre
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