Skill Area I

ASL 111 American Sign Language I
ASL 112 American Sign Language II
CHIN 125 Intermediate Chinese I [I]
CHIN 126 Intermediate Chinese II [I]
CHIN 225 Intermediate Chinese III [I]
CHIN 226 Intermediate Chinese IV [I]
COMM 115 Fundamentals of Communication
COMM 140 Public Speaking
COMM 256 Professional Communication
COMM 280 Business and Professional Speaking
ENG 110 Freshman Composition
ENG 202 Intermediate Composition
ENGR 290 Engineering Technical Writing and Presentation
ESL 108 English as a Second Language: Writing I
ESL 109 English as a Second Language: Writing II
ESL 201 Advanced Study in English as a Second Language
FR 125 Intermediate French I [I]
FR 126 Intermediate French II [I]
FR 225 Intermediate French III [I]
FR 226 Intermediate French IV [I]
FYS 105 First Year Seminar-Communication Skills
GER 125 Intermediate German I [I]
GER 126 Intermediate German II [I]
GER 225 Intermediate German III [I]
GER 226 Intermediate German IV [I]
HON 140 Writing & Research I
HON 441  Writing & Research III: Honors Thesis
ITAL 125 Intermediate Italian I [I]
ITAL 126 Intermediate Italian II [I]
ITAL 190 Italian for Italian Speakers [I]
ITAL 225 Intermediate Italian III [I]
ITAL 226 Italian Structure and Idiom [I]
JAPN 125 Intermediate Japanese I [I]
JAPN 126 Intermediate Japanese II [I]
JAPN 225 Intermediate Japanese III [I]
JAPN 226 Intermediate Japanese IV [I]
JRN 200 Introduction to Journalism
JRN 235 News Writing and Reporting I
ML 125 Intermediate Modern Language I
ML 126 Intermediate Modern Language II
ML 200 Topics in Modern Language Studies [I]
POL 125 Intermediate Polish I [I]
POL 126 Intermediate Polish II [I]
SPAN 125 Intermediate Spanish I [I]
SPAN 126 Intermediate Spanish II [I]
SPAN 128 Intensive Intermediate Spanish I [I]
SPAN 190 Language for Heritage Speakers of Spanish I [I]
SPAN 191 Language for Heritage Speakers of Spanish II [I]
SPAN 225 Intermediate Spanish III [I]
SPAN 226 Intermediate Spanish IV [I]
SPAN 261 Business Spanish [I]
SPAN 290 Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish I [I]
SPAN 291 Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish II [I]

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